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Choosing the right potting mix is important...

Molly's Potting Mixes are soil-free and designed to meet the unique needs of plants growing in containers.

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Soil is great...for outdoor plants. It's not great for plants growing in containers.

Soil compacts when wet, restricting airflow and access to nutrients, which ultimately leads to root rot and the death of your houseplants. 

Molly's potting mixes are 100% soil-free, won't compact, and are nearly impossible to over-water. They’re also free of pests, harsh chemicals, and commercial fertilizers and are a lot less messy to work with. 


Help Prevent Root Rot and Yellowing Leaves

Molly's Potting Mixes are chunky, well-aerated mixes that drain quickly and take a long time to break down, resisting compaction and reducing the risks associated with over-watering.


Free of Pests and Disease-Causing Pathogens

Molly's Potting Mixes are soil-free, providing a cleaner alternative to traditional store-bought soil-based potting mixes, and are free of fertilizer, soil-borne pests, and disease causing pathogens.


Organic, Mineral, and pH-Balanced

Molly's Potting Mixes are complete, standalone potting solutions with a carefully-blended mix of key organic and mineral ingredients plants need to thrive.


Include Beneficial Fungi and Bacteria

Molly's Potting Mixes include beneficial microorganisms that enhance root system growth, improving nutrient and water uptake, increasing tolerance to stress and repotting, and promoting natural pest-defense systems.

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    Molly's soilless potting mixes are always free of

    fertilizer, soil-borne pests, and disease.

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