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For decades we've been losing our connection with nature...

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Urban Jungle
...and spending more and more time indoors.

Urbanisation causing the need for plants                      

Urbanisation is driving people to surround themselves with things that grow...

People are buying houseplants. A lot of houseplants.

We know that the worth of your plants isn’t about how much you paid
for them or where they came from or what others think of them. 
It’s about the way they make you feel!
At veryplants, we love our plants as much as you do and we are absolutely committed to providing you with the best potting mixes for wide variety    
of indoor plant types. Our Molly's Potting Mixes for aroids and other tropicals hoyas, succulents, cacti, bonsai, and other indoor plants combine the best
quality organic and mineral ingredients and blend them together to give your 
plants the nutrients and growing conditions they need to thrive.
We test all our mixes on the hundreds of indoor plants we have in our
shop and we work closely with the amazing plant community and our
suppliers to continuously improve our products. 
We can always be reached at info@veryplants.com or via our Contact Us Page and we appreciate and value your questions, comments, and feedback.


- Jordan, Thomas, and Molly